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Really Awesome Technology is all about building an awesome CTF platform. We're glad to have a great team who give their time up to work together and make RACTF the best platform it can be.

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Junior Golang Engineer


RACTF is always looking to use the latest and greatest in technology, which is why we are currently adopting Golang in our infrastructure. We are looking for Junior Golang Engineers to help us migrate monolithic services to Go.

The RACTF backend currently consists of a monolithic Django server which is slow as a dog. We're looking to revolutionise RACTF infrastructure by rewriting it as a set of Golang microservices, we're aiming for around 250 services by the end of the rewrite.


  • 5+ years of experience writing Golang microservices, or evidence of double vaccination.
  • An understanding of tools like gRPC or HTTP to allow microservices to communicate
  • Willingness to implement monitoring tools like Sentry, New Relic and Jaeger to Golang microservices
  • A team worker who is ready to work with other Gophers as a part of this rewrite
  • 3 years working with Polaris clusters, the industry standard challenge workhorse


  • Existing knowledge of Python to be able to understanding our monolithic infrastructure

Interested yet?

If you are interested contact us now at careers@ractf.co.uk, we're looking forward to hearing from you!

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