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Really Awesome Technology is all about building an awesome CTF platform. We're glad to have a great team who give their time up to work together and make RACTF the best platform it can be.

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Infrastructure Engineer


As our Infrastructure Engineer, you'll be responsible for managing all the RACTF services.

RACTF currently uses only 3 AWS services. This is not nearly enough - we're currently mid-way through a full migration to cloud. Once we're finished, we plan to have one of those cool flow diagrams which takes up at least 7 sides of A2 paper. We're also interested in migrating off gunicorn to uwsgi (it's currently far too fast causing request saturation at RACTF Core).


  • Experience with the infinidash lifecycle
  • Experience with a variety of AWS services including Fargate, Rekognition, GoBox, Polly, Snowball, Togetic, and others
  • Ability to draw those funny graphs showing which services call which (this is a key motivation point for our cloud migration)
  • Desire to learn new infrastructure skills and technologies as RACTF evolves
  • 3 years working with Polaris clusters, the industry standard challenge workhorse


  • Familiarity with Terraform
  • Experience deploying go, particularly sharded
  • A sleep cycle which means you're awake when the other infra guys aren't

Interested yet?

If you are interested contact us now at careers@ractf.co.uk, we're looking forward to hearing from you!

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