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Really Awesome Technology is all about building an awesome CTF platform. We're glad to have a great team who give their time up to work together and make RACTF the best platform it can be.

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Chief uWSGI Engineer


uWSGI is a critical component within the RACTF stack. We're hiring a C-level executive within RACTF to ensure that all our uWSGI deployments are happy and healthy.

As Chief uWSGI Engineer (CuE), it's your responsibility to ensure the uptime and availablity of our uWSGI clutsers. We use a heavily configured instance of uWSGI so the skills below are absolute must-haves for applicants. Our CuE is a challenging and highly demading role, but a very rewarding position.


  • Experience with using uwsgi as an emperor in the freebsd-jail mode, zerg mode knowledge would be great
  • Knowing uWSGI options without using the reference
  • Starting from uWSGI 1.4-dev you can host Go web applications in your uWSGI stack.


  • Knowing how to build video streaming services using the uwsgi application server plugin system
  • Past work utilizing uwsgi to control erlang nodes. Our Cosmoid software is a custom Erlang node cluster which is supervised by our uwsgi instances

Interested yet?

If you are interested contact us now at careers@ractf.co.uk, we're looking forward to hearing from you!

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